Why You Should Consider Outsourcing


If you are fond of reading blogs, it may seem simple to you. However, it takes more than what meets the eyes. Keeping a blog needs fresh content, keeping up with the WordPress updates, maintain your hosting account, respond to readers’ comments and other tasks.

If you are keeping a blog for your company website, you may be able to write for it for a while, but as it grows, you will have to spend times on other things such as running your business.

Before you consider hiring a content creator, you need to identify your needs. You have to assess what your team can already do for you. This way you will know what you will outsource. If you don’t do this, you might end up wasting money. You might either spend too much on your content creator but you don’t have much job order to give. Add to that, you might spend on a talent which your team already has.

Once you know what you need, set up your goals and create a content marketing plan. Anything that you and your team can’t efficiently do can be outsourced.  You might hire a content creator, a video creator or an illustrator.

Having a talented content creator is vital for any content marketing strategy. But looking for a content creator can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what information the creator needs and how to express what you want.

When you outsource content creator or a freelancer, ask for a sample work and creation process. Clarify what voice you want to be used and how you want your company to be portrayed. Tell your preferred style guide such as short and direct sentences, a serious tone or a conversational type. You may also ask for images to be included.