How SEO and Links Can Help Promote your Business


Imagine navigating the world wide web without the existence of links, more so, hyperlinks? The burdensome of manually copying and pasting each URL to different tab is unthinkable in addition to the time and energy wasted.

Luckily, the era of information technology flies like the speed of light and advancements were made to make our lives easier. The same technology has been used may it be in the academe, small to large scale type of industries and even for business marketing strategies.

Many of us may have heard of the growing popularity of utilizing a business website to increase sales by means of generating convertible leads thru search. This, of course, includes a variety of action plan.  Worth mentioning is the use of Search Engine Optimization and link building by many digital marketers to promote a  business thru their website.

So what is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how links come into play?

search engine optimization

By definition, SEO is a simple act of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines. When you hire local seo specialist in Philippines, the conventional SEO services will make use of articles with keywords used by prospective buyers who search for products and services offered by a particular business. With the deployment of effective strategies, the main objective is for the website to be on top of its rankings.

The closer it is to the number 1 spot, the probability of click-to-rate is higher thus more chances of an increased website traffic.  

With the accessibility of the internet and most people doing things online, feedbacks are readily available and satisfied customers (even the unsatisfied ones) share and promote the product or service with their first-hand experience.

This is the stage where links become a valuable component of SEO. For example, Customer A, who happens to be a food blogger, writes a review and links the restaurant’s website to his article. If by any chance, Customer A has a million followers, imagine the increased traffic that would contribute to the restaurant’s website which can then be generated by leads or even sales.

Google, as one of the most popular search engine, displays links to pages or websites it deemed authoritative, trustworthy and relevant. Needless to say, quantity should not overcome quality in link building because that will simply not work. It is then crucial to secure worth-having links to your website for potential ranking in Google search. Do this and you will start to see an increased traffic and an obvious advantage to you and to your business.