Finding The Best Data Entry Staff For Your Business


Along with the invention of punch card data processing in the 1890s, jobs for data entry became in demand. Highly skilled staff was hired to operate the keypunch machines. Their primary responsibility is to punch the data that needs processing to yield the desired outcome.

Today, data processing is still the focal point of all business transactions. Companies hired data entry staff to do this vital work for them. It is important that this person is qualified, skilled, and well trained.

Here is the list of the data entry staff qualifications:

Basic Software Knowledge

Computer literacy is necessary. The data entry clerk must be competent in word processors, record management software, databases, and spreadsheets.

Exceptional Typing Speed

The minimal requirement is around 40-60 words per minute. The job requires performing a huge amount of data entry in a short period of time. It is vital that the data entry clerk is comfortable and adept in using the mouse, scanners, keyboard, and other computer tools.

Typing Skills Proficiency

The data entry staff is expected to have accurate typing skills. There’s no room for mistakes while doing data entry. All data including personal information, complex medical codes, and business statistics must be accurately typed.

Good Written and Communication Skills

The nature of data entry work necessitates the staff to communicate with people inside and outside the enterprises. Being well versed in both verbal and written communication skills is a big plus especially if he is working for a service provider company.

High Level of Focus

The tasks of data entry staff are repetitive. He would be doing the same process for every bunch of data that must be processed within the set time. Focus at all times should be exercised as well as patience. These two attributes are necessary to yield excellent results.

These are the basic qualifications for a data entry position. They make a big difference in the efficiency of data entry processing.