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4 Unraveling Strategies for Link Building

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Among all others, link building is an integral part of every SEO strategist in generating traffic to a website which will then lead to getting a higher rank in Google search. Quality links do not only add value to the site momentarily but also in the long run. This should be coupled with proper implementation and sound strategy as well.

For someone who is currently starting up his or her career as an professional SEO expert or strategist for small businesses, below are the generally acceptable steps for a successful link building strategy.

Step 1: Know your audience

your audience

Have a straightforward vision of the type of audience that you want to reach and the soon-to-be audience that you want to target. Determine their needs, avoid using jargons or technical terms, be informative and creative at the same time. This may include a little bit of researching in order to get to know your audience.

Step 2: Write quality content


Going back to basics, link building is equated to having a good and quality site content. This is a way, and perhaps the only way, of attracting a new audience and making the residents stay. Nonetheless, good content can be attributed to an article or post that is not only well-written but is also well-structured.

Step 3:  Reach out to a website


If you have already labored on creating a good content and was able to determine the sites that appealed to your desired audience, put an extra effort in reaching out said a website that you would like to link to your site. This can be done by requesting them to write about any product or service your website is offering and linking to it.

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Step 4: Make use of social media


Take advantage of social media in reaching both your desired and new audience as well as getting links. This is a venue where your audience can share your article or blog and get the necessary exposure that it needs.

In conclusion, doing the basics in link building will never do harm to your website. Before diving into the technicalities of SEO, maximize the above-listed steps, to begin with, and keep the vision of satisfying your resident audience and aiming to attract new ones.