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4 Unraveling Strategies for Link Building


Tips for an Effective Link Building

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link building

4 Unraveling Strategies for Link Building

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5 SaaS Tools For Web Startups


Tips for an Effective Link Building

link building

4 Unraveling Strategies for Link Building

Posted by Krin Morgan on June 28, 2018

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Category: Outsourcing, SEO

Among all others, link building is an integral part of every SEO strategist in generating traffic to a website which will then lead to getting a higher rank in Google search. Quality links do not only add value to the site momentarily but also in the long run. This should be coupled with proper implementation and sound strategy as well.

For someone who is currently starting up his or her career as an professional SEO expert or strategist for small businesses, below are the generally acceptable steps for a successful link building strategy.

Step 1: Know your audience

your audience

Have a straightforward vision of the type of audience that you want to reach and the soon-to-be audience that you want to target. Determine their needs, avoid using jargons or technical terms, be informative and creative at the same time. This may include a little bit of researching in order to get to know your audience.

Step 2: Write quality content


Going back to basics, link building is equated to having a good and quality site content. This is a way, and perhaps the only way, of attracting a new audience and making the residents stay. Nonetheless, good content can be attributed to an article or post that is not only well-written but is also well-structured.

Step 3:  Reach out to a website


If you have already labored on creating a good content and was able to determine the sites that appealed to your desired audience, put an extra effort in reaching out said a website that you would like to link to your site. This can be done by requesting them to write about any product or service your website is offering and linking to it.

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Step 4: Make use of social media


Take advantage of social media in reaching both your desired and new audience as well as getting links. This is a venue where your audience can share your article or blog and get the necessary exposure that it needs.

In conclusion, doing the basics in link building will never do harm to your website. Before diving into the technicalities of SEO, maximize the above-listed steps, to begin with, and keep the vision of satisfying your resident audience and aiming to attract new ones.

5 SaaS Tools For Web Startups

Posted by Krin Morgan on March 1, 2018

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Category: SaaS, SEO

Startups have limited resources and staff and sometimes some of these new found businesses get funding from investors or licensed lending companies for additional capital. To grow and thrive, startups need to find the most efficient and useful SaaS tools to make up for its limitations. It is like hiring hundreds of staff that you can’t actually afford.

For a small business startup, you can choose from a myriad of options to help your business function well. Do not get overwhelmed with too many software to choose from. Here are five best SaaS for your web startup.


Wave is a Cloud-based Accounting SaaS. You may have heard of Quickbooks Online but Wave is for free. It creates an all-in-one accounting solution for small businesses. You can track expenses, keep invoices, view reports and more in just one place. Add to that, it has no limits since it is in Cloud. Free version can’t track timesheets, but for startups, it is more than sufficient.


GitHub is a Collaborative Coding SaaS tool. It is considered a must-have for every web startup. It can be used for working on word documents, spreadsheets, and other basic document tools. Version control, branching, and merging has been made easy too.


Toggl is a Productivity SaaS tool lets you track where your times have probably gone. It keeps your productivity in check. Toggl is specially created for freelancers, consultants and small businesses who want to track the time spent on a project. The time entries are synced between the phone app, desktop, and Toggl Chrome Extension.


Unbounce in an A/B Testing SaaS tool. If you want to optimize your marketing campaigns, you need to use Unbounce to know which strategy can bring in more sales to your startup. Get to know which landing page can convert more and which runs more efficiently to meet your goals.

Moz Analytics

MOZ Analytics is best for startups with a new website. This helps your SEO efforts as you track the best keywords that you should focus on. Add to that, it has a free Chrome extension tool that can help you see your competitors’ website domain authority.


Tips for an Effective Link Building

Posted by Krin Morgan on February 12, 2018

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Category: Outsourcing, SEO

Links and link building, as to today, still contribute a large array of success in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Its vital role in inducing traffic in a website cannot be superseded by some newly immersed tools or strategies simply because Google search is also dependent upon links, especially in website ranking.

A widely accepted definition of link building is an activity of securing a reliable link on an independent website back to a client’s own site. It helps the website to perform better in search of relevant inquiries. Moreover, since the primary goal of link building is to get a good rank, one should be mindful of how the search engine’s rules work.

The following are the Top 3 tips for an effective link building.

  • Quality Backlinks

quality link

Quantity can boost up ranking but it is quality that keeps the website on top. Building a solid and valuable content is the backbone of link building and is sustainable in the long run. The more trustworthy and relevant the website is, the more referrals it gets and thus increases traffic in search engine searches.


  • Smart Interlinking

Interlinking is also a crucial factor that helps improve a website’s search engine optimization and increase the flow of backlink authority that circulates from one page to another. Bombarding the audience with information may not be a good idea but thru internal linking, it organizes web pages categorically and improves user navigation in the website.


  • Web Directory Links

Because link building is all about relevance and authority, it would be useful to build links in niche directories. This type of strategy in SEO and link building may consider being an old-fashioned but nothing really is if done the right way. Note that up to this time, it will still pass quality juice to the website if directory submissions if the goal to a target market or niche.

It is an important point to ponder as well that creativity and proper implementation of strategies are needed in order for link building to work with the desired result. People link to a site if they find value in it, make use of old articles or posts that can add credibility and know your niche rather than doing some fishing expedition in an ocean.


How SEO and Links Can Help Promote your Business

Posted by Krin Morgan on December 12, 2017

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Category: SEO

Imagine navigating the world wide web without the existence of links, more so, hyperlinks? The burdensome of manually copying and pasting each URL to different tab is unthinkable in addition to the time and energy wasted.

Luckily, the era of information technology flies like the speed of light and advancements were made to make our lives easier. The same technology has been used may it be in the academe, small to large scale type of industries and even for business marketing strategies.

Many of us may have heard of the growing popularity of utilizing a business website to increase sales by means of generating convertible leads thru search. This, of course, includes a variety of action plan.  Worth mentioning is the use of Search Engine Optimization and link building by many digital marketers to promote a  business thru their website.

So what is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how links come into play?

search engine optimization

By definition, SEO is a simple act of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines. When you hire local seo specialist in Philippines, the conventional SEO services will make use of articles with keywords used by prospective buyers who search for products and services offered by a particular business. With the deployment of effective strategies, the main objective is for the website to be on top of its rankings.

The closer it is to the number 1 spot, the probability of click-to-rate is higher thus more chances of an increased website traffic.  

With the accessibility of the internet and most people doing things online, feedbacks are readily available and satisfied customers (even the unsatisfied ones) share and promote the product or service with their first-hand experience.

This is the stage where links become a valuable component of SEO. For example, Customer A, who happens to be a food blogger, writes a review and links the restaurant’s website to his article. If by any chance, Customer A has a million followers, imagine the increased traffic that would contribute to the restaurant’s website which can then be generated by leads or even sales.

Google, as one of the most popular search engine, displays links to pages or websites it deemed authoritative, trustworthy and relevant. Needless to say, quantity should not overcome quality in link building because that will simply not work. It is then crucial to secure worth-having links to your website for potential ranking in Google search. Do this and you will start to see an increased traffic and an obvious advantage to you and to your business.  


The Top Four Metrics in Link Building

Posted by Krin Morgan on October 5, 2017

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Category: SEO

Every SEO strategist should know why it is important for a certain link to not only be useful to the website but to continually provide value in the long run.

Links having a valuable and trustworthy content are considered to be a “vote of confidence” from one website to another that is why it is being heavily used as ranking signal within search engine algorithms.  

In building good links, there are Top Four metrics that can ascertain if quality links are being added to your website, as per Page One Power.


First is relevance.

Google has been so consistent in talking about on-topic links and contextual relevance. This is because it determines and develop trust and delivers applicable information in the right context which then minimizes link spam tendencies.

human value links

Second is the human value of links.

Valuable links are nothing if such cannot contribute to  the user experience. A highly satisfied audience makes it more likely for them to continually patronize the website which gives a positive impact on the website’s ranking thru search.

trust and authority

The third is authority and trust.

As an old cliche goes, “there is strength in numbers”, this holds true for a website that has more links to it. Google has been counting the number of valuable links as a signal of authority and trust. There are tools that can help determine if a particular website has both authority and trust. It includes Majestic’s Trust and Citation Flow, Moz’s Domain and Page Authority and How Well as Site Ranks in Google.  

technical aspect

Fourth but not the least is technical considerations.

The implementation of link building includes a large chunk of the technical aspect. Therefore, the main goal of an SEO strategist is to make sure that links are rewarded by both human and search engines. Some of the technical considerations of a link are crawlability, indexation, tag attributes, anchor text, link placement and non-page element.

There still are a number of the lists to think about in terms of link building and how to fully maximize its use for the website. But knowing the Top Four essentials in link building can lead any SEO strategist to a clearer path.

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4 Unraveling Strategies for Link Building

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